Keynote Reports

Maoqiong Gong​


professor at Technical Institute of Physics and  Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Title of the Talk: Equipment developments for ultra-low temperature cold chain based on the mixed-gases Joule-Thomson refrigeration

Kristina N. Widell


Senior research scientist at SINTEF Ocean in Trondheim, Norway.


Title of the Talk: Managing the cold chain of seafood in Norway


Manabu WATANABE, Dr. Eng.


Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology


Title of the Talk: History and future of Japanese Cold Chain

Piyush Kumar Jha


Post-Doctoral researcher at Interface Process and Material Hygiene (PIHM) unit of the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA), France.


Title of the Talk: Electromagnetic waves assisted crystallization

Mr. Sungkyu Lee


Chief Executive Officer – Arneg Korea


Title of the Talk: Innovative Solution for Korea Cold Chain Market

Torben Funder-Kristensen


Head of Public and Industry Affairs at Danfoss Cooling Segment


Title of the Talk:Smart Supermarkets as Flexible Energy Providers

Marcio Silveira


Acoustic Senior Manager of Donper, Joinville, Brazil


Title of the talk: The main challenges of low noise approach in highly efficient cold chain system

Nikhil Raj


Managing Director, Neptune Refrigeration Co P Ltd, Chennai, India


Title of the talk: Technical Progress of Indian Refrigeration and Cold Chain Industry